Less Joke, More Lye

by ESM

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The sophomore album. It's Less Joke, More Lye. One forty-minute animal of a song.


released May 22, 2012

Tristan Zemtseff - most of it
Andy Eisen - the rest of it
additional composition by Charlie Landsman.
poems "Only Fuel" and "All For Naught" read by Rob Poznanski of Cadence Fox.



all rights reserved


ESM Naperville, Illinois

Less Joke, More Lye.

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Track Name: Only Fuel
cliche camera zoom
through thick layers of fog
come see what lurks on the surface
it’s something no mere mortal should witness
or it would be, were they not the object of the beholding
the fog is a joke, a joke they’ve played on themselves
and somewhere on that surface is a kind of evil
and the location of this evil is the very mystery
such is the cosmic fuck that fuels the need
of the mortals to burn away the joke
with something caustic, they’ll do it
and their skin will bubble
but they’ll accept
Track Name: Meet the Gang
say hello to the crew

these four frequent this place
keep it up, knock 'em down
hey how 'bout it, that's just swell
oh my god that is great, holy shit that's just grand
yes we're just fine

chit chat, small talk, we make it with the best
scoping out the watering hole, all we know
but after plenty of lubricant, the cogs are bound to turn too quickly

from Nikolas comes mention of the mystery lurking outside town
what's happening there?
Dua leans in; he'll whisper one more reckless theory

unpleasing is this idea, such that Nikolas' stomach is surfacing
Myaargh has had too much, now chunks are flying
gratuitous regurgitation, this place will never be clean again

the crew will say goodnight for now
knowing that they'll have to uncover said mystery
Track Name: Journey to the Factory
wake up, morning has come
to take us to find the facts hidden from us all

here we are traveling down to the outskirts of town
to see just what we can see, hop some fences peering
to unknown horrors, what we don’t know, could be endless misery
no one says a word, so let’s have a look

it’s coming up, take a right
we’ll leave our transport here, out of surveillance
quick, up to the barbed wire, then jump
we should be in the clear

it’s a flawless plan, what could go wrong?

will what they see change them?
Track Name: Grievance I: Faith
everybody get the fuck out
do you think you'll be able to come out of this and testify?
i'll show you the holy sun
i'll show you the light at the end of the tunnel

savior - is that what you came here for?
refuge - i'll give you that and more

you're not the only ones
we take all with open arms, empty minds, clean slates, and cleaned plates

let the bludgeoning begin
these ideas will be hammered into your head

give blindly, give aimlessly
feed the ignorant, reckless machines
see no peace
hear no peace
there will be no peace
Track Name: Grievance II: Kids
god damn

you're all the same
one wonders if it will change
i'm so jealous of how high he can kick
he's really worth all the space he's taking up

running man! running man!
we are so cool and hip
you won't find a thing here that hasn't been done before
but that's what the kids want
we're lying to ourselves if we think they came to see music
the facebook legions have no intention of value
they're just here to "throw down"

well i'll throw you the fuck down
i don't care what area code you live in, you're as fake as your sense of ideals

is this dirty enough for your six-thirty?

they tell me "we don't try to start fights - fight me bro!"
filthy suburban parasites

are we too musical?
do i make too much sense?
sorry, i'll work on being ignorant and soulless like you

crawl back under whatever rock you came from

if history has taught us anything
it's that trends fade away
but what's beneath remains the same

the outside world is oblivious and ignorant
but in here we know what you are
and we're sick of your shit

you're all the same
one wonders if it will change
Track Name: Everything Happens
by this time, the gang has made their way into restricted space
carefully and silently, they sneak past some guards

there are no windows!
we must find a way to see what they're hiding from us

those sounds, those awful noises, are coming from the roof
we follow them to the outer wall, where there is a ladder
the roof is of glass, and--

oh, what horror!
we can see inside!
abomination! these are humans!
what foul mind could have devised such a system of torture?

and now they've spotted us, sounding alarms!

without a moment to compose themselves
quickly back to the ladder goes the crew
gunfire chases them to the fence

back to the car... someone is missing!
behind the fence lies one Myargh Argh;
bullet holes stealing his last breaths
Track Name: Less of a Joke, More of a Lie
and then there were three

catching breath, what did we just witness?
the machinery, the precision of extinguished life
how desperate they must be to use these means
what could fuel this methodology?

the terrible beast that is power
is rearing its head once more
it must not be too late to stop them
to revive a sense of humanity

too optimistic these venturers were
in this wonderful wasteland
soon all will go to plan

ingenuity is in us all
one can learn to care, one can learn to solve
insignificant is what they take from us
if we take it upon ourselves

with this knowledge we can demolish ignorance
and expunge whatever evil may come

who dares to care?
who dares to stand?

it takes one to take all
it takes all to move few
Track Name: Grievance III: (Cl)asses
the top taketh their pay
the bottom slaveth away
elderly and young, conjoined as one
to serve the true scum of today

class is a word like love
thrown around like a greasy towel
the upper class without class is still the upper class
the lower class with class still has to kiss ass
there is no middle ground

this air of optimism is all but lost
it's just the ones who are better off
trying to foster some fuel they need to power their true vehicles
not with seats or pedals, but with flesh and blood

they need the ones beneath then not to break down

still they brandish crowns
but with our frowns
we'll shake the fucking ground
Track Name: How Wicked, the Establishment
hear, my congress!
direct your gazes to the horrid truth!

Everett attempts to engage in rhetoric
he begins to describe their transpirings and findings
but something is amiss...

dear god! apathy is in the air

a total lack of reflex
it's been here the whole time
they know

here we've been, amongst this
my god, how could we have been so blind
there must be somebody to blame

it's the government, they've been taking anyone who knows better, anyone who can see through the lies is sentenced to torture in the so-called factory!
Track Name: All for Naught
zooming back out
take us away from this
never again be close to such
evil is something we only imagine
good is only something we strive for
but what happens when extremes are defined?
where will we be when we are caught between poles?
the force of gravity too great for us to cling to middle ground
looking back now, this society, these ways, they are our own
but no, certainly no conscious people would take us here
certainly warm-blooded mortals have morals enough
surely, we can save our existence yet, to spite this
alas, caring now would only feign pretension
this was just to tell you it's too late
heart is a thing of memory
feel no more