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This is it. The latest in shoulder-bumpin' technology.


released September 7, 2011

Tristan Zemtseff - Most of it
Andy Eisen - The rest of it



all rights reserved


ESM Naperville, Illinois

Less Joke, More Lye.

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Track Name: Misleading
[You are not ready
You are not worthy
Brace yourself]
Track Name: One and Only

Another day awaits us
But who are we to conquer that which we do not know?

My eyes peeled, my skin peeling
We rise again once more

Let me put on my face
I'm not so good without it
And I don't want to upset you
Or the neighbors

But why?
Why am I concerned with your feelings?
The daylight, why should I care about it?

Miles away live the ones who want
Nothing to do with me

I'm the only one
I am the only one

The one and only

Unfortunately I am awake
The one and only
Track Name: Step Over
Psychosis, neurosis, erotic hypnotic precocious
Do you see what I see?
Of course fucking not

Why must these things that identify as humans lay in my way, when all I want is to meet the end?
Why am I never close enough to the edge to satisfy me?

Foreboding, devoting, decoding, controlling
Never close enough

Let's step over, you and I
Medieval, cerebral, unforeseen
You see, there’s nothing wrong with me

Nothing wrong with us.
We’re just trying to live, just trying to die.
But why? Why try?
Because I don’t want to be trapped here forever
Track Name: A Building Made of Flesh
They want to be rid of me, I know it
Why bother pretending to fit in?

I am the monster, I am the klutz
They hate me, they hate me, I don't give a fuck

Now, when they need me, I’m their brother
Now, when I go out, I’ve been a hero
I am no kind of hero

Hair like a fucking octopus
They came from outer space
Now I’m the outcast, the only one
Whom they’ll need to save the day

So fine, I’ll go and I’ll save the day
They’re mine
Who knows what shit will hit the fan?
Head out
Track Name: Smashing
We arrive
I see now, in town, there’s a burning building
A man approaches me
He’s their leader, only legally mine

They expect me to reach up, to save those in need of saving
What do I owe these people? Why do they get to simply exist, while I must work for them?
I’ll show them all what I can be
But maybe this time I can prove my worth

It’s a chance, it’s a choice
I could prove myself or prove them right

How sweet it would feel, to give them what they want
How much sweeter to give them what they deserve
They’re screaming, screaming for help

As my conscience walks me toward the building, I reach up
Ready to save the day
Just then, an egg cracks on my leg, hurled from amongst the crowd

I turn to the masses in a rage
Let’s give them what they fucking deserve
I grab those I can, I gnaw at their bones and flesh
I’ve got them now, I will feast until I am done

What’s this? My stomach has tried to burst
Did they feed me explosive decoys?
We collapse
Track Name: Thimblerigged
What the fuck has happened?

I’m all alone, only physically this time
In some god forsaken desert
Last I remember, I was…

Those ungrateful bastards!
Now I must kill them all!

Again and again I’ve proven myself
I try to abide by them
Yet it is I who is laying all alone out here

My vengeful hunger is all that is driving me

They’ve done it this time
They’ve doomed themselves
Now all they can do is pray to me

A tactical error, don’t play by the rules,
I am who I am, you’ll get it you fools

I wonder what it’d be like
To join the others on the other side
I never wanted to be death
But then I never thought I could get this big

A tactical error, don’t play by the rules
I am what I am, you’ll get it you fools
Track Name: Destroyer of Things
It all comes crashing down
I’ve returned to show you all

You’re all filthy hideous excuses for what you’ve come to call existence
Your noses are too fucking high in the air for you to smell yourselves
So please except this invitation

Get in here and know what I’m saying

Maybe i haven’t been clear enough
But you all have brought me clarity

And in these times of clarity, I’ll show you just what I’m capable of

Let me show you a thing or two on role reversal

I’m flipping the outside in
And once the real inside is out
Not a soul will leave this place unchanged
Track Name: Not As Think As
It’s one of those fucking nights
One of these lives
Another one of these fucking nights
And i just won’t die

I have but few friends now
Not being real to you
So I’m taking them out
For a night on the town

This is my town

You all have fled
Left me in peace
Though what is peace
I doubt I’ll ever know

This is my town
Mine and mine alone
This is my town
I’m forced to call it home

I’d damn sure hate to be trapped up here forever
Track Name: The Same
I cave myself in with my own walls
I dig this hole - my own shovel
I beat myself to a bloody pulp
I turn inwards to face what I am

How easy it is to cast this all aside
Each morning I awake and sit in the same fucking chair, to think the same fucking thoughts, and do the same nothing

Am I entirely to blame for this remoteness?

The same melody plays in my head
I'll never get it to end

The compression of ambience
Brings forth a clarity

Could it be that just now
I've come to realize
That months have turned to minutes
And I am the sands of time

They never said it would be the same in the wild